Man Released From Jail Attacks Grandmother, Steals Her Car With Grandson Inside

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ㅤ”Freedom for Thomas Lee Williams apparently lasted about 90 minutes. Democrats are probably hoping he had a chance to vote…”

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Freedom for Thomas Lee Williams apparently lasted about 90 minutes. Democrats are probably hoping he had a chance to vote…

HEMPFIELD, Pennsylvania-

A Philadelphia man’s freedom from the Westmoreland County Prison on Tuesday was short-lived.

Moments after Thomas Lee Williams, 36, was released from the Hempfield jail at about 6:15 p.m., police said he attacked a West Leechburg woman in the parking lot, took her sport-utility vehicle and fled with her 1-year-old grandson in the back seat.

Williams crashed 2 miles away in Youngwood about 15 minutes later, ran into a wooded area and was eventually apprehended, according to county Park Police Chief Kirk Nolan.

Williams was back behind bars Wednesday on $250,000 bail.

Investigators will be examining surveillance video from outside the prison Wednesday. It appears the victims and suspect did not know each other, but authorities are continuing to investigate, Nolan said.

“As far as we know…

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UN Climate Conference Wrecked by Revolting French and Trolling Poles

ㅤô¿ô …History shows that unity requires all people within the union to speak the same language. Much of the world can’t see this fact even though it’s staring them right in the face.
ㅤThe UN and EU will never succeed until all but one country within the EU gives up its native language. If that ever happens, then the way things are going, the EU’s single language could possibly be German. The "Fourth Reich" would come to power via the German language.

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Prosecutors connect Trump to illegal payments during the campaign

ㅤô¿ô …My search results don’t specify the degree of the felony the Dems say Trump committed. Without knowing the degree of the felony, it’s impossible to have a legitimate opinion.
ㅤUnder federal law, possession of marijuana is a felony. Again under federal law, transmission of porn across state lines is a felony. In most states, public nudity is a felony. Low level felonies don’t warrant incarceration. You can have low level felonies expunged from your record.

Full story at The Hill. Posted here on 12/8/18. See "michael cohen, conservative, politics."

Oddsmaker: Trump Strong Favorite To Win Reelection

ㅤ"According to the sportsbook BetOnline, the odds of President Trump being reelected are heavily in his favor. Trump is the only candidate on the list given by the sportsbook where the odds favor his winning the presidency, at 7-5. The next most likely candidates are Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), and current flavor of the month Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) who lost his challenge for Sen. Ted Cruz’s Senate seat."

ㅤô¿ô …All will change if Beto runs. I predict Harris would drop out in order to keep peace within the Dem party. She would invent some excuse so her withdrawal would not be blamed on her race.

Full story at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. Posted here on 12/7/18. See "kamala harris."

2020: Top Obama Bundler Backs Beto O'Rourke, ‘Time to Pass the Torch’

ㅤ"’It’s time to pass the torch to a new generation,’ Lois Susman told CNN. ‘I have nothing against the Bidens and Kerrys of the world and all of these senators that are looking at it, but I think the Beto example is what inspired people and what we are going to need.’"

ㅤô¿ô …Bullshit. It’s about Beto winning Texas. The Dems are most likely discussing Beto’s chances of doing that.

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Biden Considered by Some Democrats To Be 'Too Tired and Worn Out'

ㅤô¿ô …Washington insiders don’t win and when they don’t win they invent other reasons why they lost. Many Americans believe them because they think Washington experience counts for something in Presidential elections when it doesn’t. And practically all Americans are united in their hatred of Washington.

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Mattis Approves Extending Border Deployment Through Next Year

ㅤ"Mattis said Saturday that the military’s engineer work to put in crowd control capabilities was completed but indicated there were other things with which troops could assist the DHS. He said no troops were serving in a law enforcement capacity, in compliance with the U.S. Constitution.
ㅤ’I’ll make certain that what we’re doing is appropriate for our troops, and if it is and Border Patrol needs the help, of course, we’ll provide it,’ he said Saturday at the Reagan Defense Forum in California.
ㅤ’We’ll stay strictly within the Constitution, strictly within our laws, and the law enforcement functions will be carried out by the appropriate people, either the Border Patrol or U.S. marshals or other federal police, but not by the U.S. military,’ he said."

Full story at Breitbart. Posted here on 12/5/18. See "dod, dhs, troops, border."