Jeff Sessions to boost asset forfeiture rules for drug traffickers

Story at The Washington Examiner, image from
ㅤ”According to the Institute for Justice, only seven states plus the District of Columbia ‘block law enforcement access to forfeiture proceeds.'”

ㅤOhio is one of the 7 states. Here is a quote from cincinnati.comㅤ…
ㅤ”We introduced this bill not because the process is being widely abused by prosecutors or law enforcement officials, but because existing law could allow for the abuse of one’s property and Fifth Amendment rights” — Rep. Rob McColley (R)
ㅤOhio calls their laws “reforms,” when the laws are actually a direct refusal to enforce Federal law. Once more, the need for “reforms,” by their own admission, is not warranted by any data showing abuse of forfeiture by law enforcement. As would be expected, Ohio law enforcement firmly opposes the “reforms.”
ㅤKasich gave his stamp of approval in January. So the next time Kasich appears on The View and whines about not getting enough money in Medicaid for drug rehab, send him a very nasty email.