Golden West Stonewalling on Surrender to Sharia


ㅤ"A group of us attended a public event at Golden West entitled, ‘Islam 101’, in which the speaker, Nicole Bovey of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Orange County, a branch of the Islamic Network Group, gave a sugar-coated presentation of Islam to an audience made up mostly of Golden West students. When some of us, following the protocol for asking questions, raised our hands, were recognized, and asked more probing questions about Islam, one of the sponsoring professors, took the first questioner outside and scolded him for asking the question.
ㅤThen, during the break, campus police appeared, and took another questioner outside and told him that he couldn’t ask questions. Though there was no physical force used and everyone was allowed to remain, it was a classic police state response that nobody should expect in the United States of America. I should stress that there was absolutely no disruption on our part. We were merely asking tough questions that the hapless Ms Bovey was unable or unwilling to answer in any straightforward manner. As it was, one of the professors came to her rescue an hour before the scheduled end of the event and announced the close of the evening’s activities.
ㅤThis was followed by a series of exchanges via email between many of us and Golden West President Wes Bryan, Coast Community College Chancellor John Weisphennig, and college trustees…"

Full story…at FrontPage Mag, image from blogspot(.com) – 4/19/18. Tags: sharia, islam. 𑗉

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