California becomes the world's fifth-biggest economy


ㅤô¿ô …An economy built upon slave labor, marijuana cultivation & sales, trafficking in lethal hard drugs, the fantasy world of Hollywood, disregard for free speech, and the extortion of federal tax dollars. As that is not enough tax money to placate their tech corporations, California continues to raise taxes on its middle class.
ㅤ The White elites in California, who still control California’s slave labor force, accuse outsiders of racism and lacking compassion for human beings.
ㅤThe arrogant, disgusting turds brag to the rest of the country telling us we should become like California, when sensible people know that adopting California’s spending habits would nail the coffin shut on the federal government.
ㅤQuite frankly, California does not belong in the United States of America. Cut them loose!

Full story at The Hill, image from pinterest(.com) – 5/5/18. See “california.”ㅤHome

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