Alt-Left Insanity: Irish Lads Should Be Able to Get Abortions Too

Pictured: "The morning sickness had me vomiting all over the inside of my pickup truck."

ㅤ"Let’s say you used to be Mary Fitzpatrick, but you’ve decided to become Patrick Fitzmary. You call yourself a lad, but haven’t been O’Tooled yet, so you’re kind of a Fitznothing. Your partner, Bridget O’Neil (formerly Neil O’Bridget) wants to have a baby. Bridget still sports a shillelagh, and you still have your colleen parts, so a baby gets made.
ㅤSo far, so weird. But then, being a fully woke and intersectional kind of fellow, you decide you want to exorcise your shiny new right to infanticide. You just might become the first Irish man to have an abortion. Take that, Catholic Church!"ㅤ

Full story at CNS News, image from upload.wikimedia(.org) – 6/15/18. See "abortion."ㅤHome

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