HHS Secretary: No Confusion at Border: DNA Tests Under Way to Match Kids With Parents

Pictured: HHS Secretary Alex Azar

ㅤ"’Now, we will work with the court — we are doing so today to get clarification and hopefully support from the court to allow us to do our job — to ensure that in fact these are parents of the children. And ensure that they are suitable individuals to go back to,’ Azar said.
ㅤ’We’re doing DNA testing on everybody who claims to be the parent of one of our children to confirm that. We check birth certificates. We have surged 230 HHS people and contractors out to ICE facilities to sit with the parents to get information to prove suitability and parentage of them to work through this process. Because what we care about is the kids’ welfare.’
ㅤAzar said he learned just this morning about two children, both under four years old, whose ‘purported parents’ have been charged with, or convicted of, rape, kidnapping, child abuse and narcotics violations.’"ㅤ

Full story at CNS News, image from brightspotcdn(.com) – 7/5/18. See "hhs, alex azar."ㅤHome

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