Axios: Biden is the Democrat that Trump fears most


ㅤô¿ô …The President’s advisors are dead wrong because Biden has too many negatives while the President has enough positives:
ㅤ1) The left has scared Republicans so much that I doubt that a single Republican will ever vote for liberal Democrat for quite some time, even if they hate Trump.
ㅤ2) Biden is a Washington insider, which was Hillary’s biggest problem. Without Hillary’s level of support from female followers, being a Washington insider will more or less make Biden DOA.
ㅤ3) Many members of minorities will see Biden as just another old white man. Even if Trump is a racist, Biden probably is too. So why take a chance that Biden might destroy the little improvement in their economic situation they have gained?
ㅤ4) Assuming the white working class has seen real economic improvement, they won’t want to risk a change in leadership either.
ㅤ5) Nobody likes to take disgusting medicine to fix a problem. But they take it anyway. That’s how immigration reform is bound to play out. Especially now that Americans are fully aware of the inhumanity existing in our current immigration system.
ㅤ6) In the past, Biden’s own mental health has been questionable. Now Biden’s old enough to have totally lost his mind.ㅤ

Full story at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 7/25/18. See “joe biden.”ㅤHome

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