Judge: Opioid distribution data not for public consumption

Pictured: Judge Dan Polster

ㅤô¿ô …Polster has become an obstacle to the government’s investigation of opioid distribution. Polster is Democrat appointed by Clinton.
ㅤSince the beginning of the Obama era, the Dems have allowed an exponential growth in opioid addiction to go unchecked and in many cases, unpunished.
ㅤWith Polster’s strict adherence to law, the Dems show their intent to break the law to protect immigrants. But not to protect American citizens.
ㅤThe liberals are not only attempting to flood America with Dem voters. They are also championing socialism, demonizing a legitimately ELECTED president of the USA and moralizing on every issue.
ㅤSome liberals say that America needs a one-party system, that being the Democratic Party. Some groups of liberals are using violent tactics in their pursuit to control our country. Folks, this is FASCISM at its finest. The Democrats are enemies of freedom-loving Americans.ㅤ

Full story at The Washington Times, image from wikimedia(.org) – 7/27/18. See “judge dan polster, overdose, addiction.”ㅤHome

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