How The ACLU and Unelected Judges Created Our Immigration Insanity

ㅤ"The children clamoring across our border can’t be held for more than 20 days. This isn’t because Congress, after hearings, debate and negotiation, passed a law. The 20-day rule was the ACLU’s innovation.
ㅤThe Alien Civil Liberties Union brought endless lawsuits, resulting in a 1997 ‘settlement agreement’ between two parties who appeared to be opposed, but were actually on the same side: the pro-open borders Janet Reno Justice Department versus the pro-open borders ACLU. No, no — not the briar patch, ACLU! Anything but that!
ㅤThe 20-day limit is unfortunate because, from capture to final order, an immigration proceeding takes 30 to 40 days. Illegals who are detained at the border cost the taxpayers $1,600 to remove. By contrast, releasing illegals, even under the much-celebrated ‘alternatives to detention’ (ankle monitors and ‘community supervision’), costs U.S. taxpayers $75,000 per removal — and most of them don’t ever get removed. By some estimates, 90 percent don’t even show up for their hearings.
ㅤThe biggest spike in illegal border crossings came after Dolly Gee, an Obama-appointed federal district court judge in California, announced in 2015 that not only ‘children,’ but also any adults traveling with them, had to be released into our country after 20 days."ㅤ

Full story at David Horowitz’s FrontPage Mag – 8/2/18. See "aclu, 20-day rule, conservative, politics."ㅤHomeOptions

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