Someone Calculated How Much The Democratic Socialists' Agenda Would Cost. It's 42 TRILLION Dollars. Just To START.

ㅤ”In a study published at Vox, Brian Reidl claims implementing the full Democratic Socialist slate of programs — including a single-payer health care system, free college, and a guaranteed minimum-wage job — will cost at least $42 trillion. And that’s just to start.
ㅤReidl’s numbers aren’t based on conservative think tank estimates, either. His costs come straight from the Urban Institute, a left-leaning organization, generally predisposed to favoring large scale government interventions.
ㅤA single-payer health care system is the most expensive, at around $30 trillion (a number Bernie Sanders disputes but has not contradicted with evidence). A minimum wage job for every American who isn’t currently employed would cost another $6.8 trillion. Free college would run around $8 trillion.”

Full story at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, image from investmentpostcards(.com) – 8/7/18. See “democratic socialist, ocasio-cortez.”

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