A New Installment Of DOOM Is Out And You'll Never Guess Why Social Justice Warriors Are Already Angry.

ㅤ"DOOM’s developers decided to poke a little harmless fun at social justice warriors, particularly in light of how involved they are in criticizing the gaming industry, by giving one of DOOM’s more minor characters, an artificial intelligence ‘greeter,’ a social justice-y bent.
ㅤThe AI’s job, apparently, is to encourage humans, under attack from monstrous demons unleashed from the pit of Hell, to welcome their new underworld overlords with compassion, kindness, and, yes, tolerance.
ㅤ’ My brothers and sisters,’ the robot says, ‘let’s help to make our friends transition into our world a comfortable one. Remember: ‘demon’ can be an offensive term, refer to them as ‘mortally challenged.” And, ‘Earth is the universe’s melting pot.’
ㅤWorse still, the AI sets out some of the DOOM: Eternal backstory, suggesting that humans allowed the demons to pour through the ubiquitous DOOM hell-mouth in a fit of immigration liberality; in other words, humanity’s doom is sealed because Hell has ‘open borders.’"


Full story at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, image from dailywire(.com) – 8/16/18. See "doom, social justice warriors, sjw."

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