3D Printing and the Anarchy of Progress

via The Conversation Room

The Conversation Room

A talent for following the ways of yesterday is not sufficient to improve the world of today’ – King Wu-Ling ruler of the Kingdom of Zhao 307 BC.

3D printing also known as “additive manufacturing” is the production of an object using a digital blueprint. The latest 3D printers are roughly £2,000 and so long as you can find the right design and materials, you can make previously off-limit objects in your home. It is the latest mind bending, fast changing innovation that will enable previously unimaginable applications while also radically altering how the world works and undermining the rules than govern it.

Imagine buying furniture from Ikea and rather than spending the next two hours assembling it, you simply get sent an email with the digital blueprints, click “print” on your 3D printer and hey presto you’re new trendy Swedish floor lamp is ready in minutes.

This scenario is still…

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