Trump threatens ex-intel official's clearance, citing comments on CNN

ㅤ"President Trump on Monday suggested he may pull the security clearance of former FBI official Phil Mudd after Mudd appeared on a heated CNN segment over the weekend to push back against the President’s revocation of clearances from other members of the intelligence community
ㅤTrump tweeted that he watched Mudd ‘become totally unglued and weird’ during a debate with CNN analyst Paris Dennard on the President’s decision to revoke ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance. ‘Mudd is in no mental condition to have such a Clearance,’ Trump said. ‘Should be REVOKED?’"

Full story at The Hill – 8/21/18. See "phil mudd, security clearance."


  1. On the one hand, I suspect that we should thank blowhards such as the likes of John Brennan, Phil Mudd among others in the deep state who prop up their former positions in the federal government and security clearances for inadvertently exposing the fact that they maintain their security clearances after leaving the federal government.

    I live in a very left-wing city and even they are surprised and outraged at the revelations that security clearances are not rescinded once someone leaves the employ of the feds.

    Work for a bank? Insurance company? Law firm? Securities firm on Wall Street? Etc., etc., etc. and upon departure from such companies and other jobs, one must turn in the keys to the kingdom. All access is rescinded.

    The men and women who fight for our country, upon their return to U.S. soil, they must disarm whether they remain in service or not.

    Take away the security clearances of those no longer under the employ of the federal government. Theirs is a sense of entitlement for that which they are not.

    Take away the security clearances of those who use said clearance against the USA, as a weapon (or authority) against a sitting President as a weapon and as a lobbying tool or whatever for the benefit of other nations.

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