Socialism and The War On Wealth

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The Millennial Merit

This is one of most pressing cultural and ideological issues of our time

Socialism is one of the most dangerous and pervasive ideas to currently be tolerated by our modern society. That is not an exaggeration. While there are worse ideologies out there, none are as widely accepted as socialism and its big brother, communism. It is as if we have forgotten the horrors these false paths to utopia have caused humanity over the last century.

Tens of millions have died under communist regimes.

Nowadays, it’s easy for budding socialists and communists to attribute the deadly nature of their favourite political system to the fascist dictators whom have typically helmed them throughout history. However, what many fail to realise is that fascism is an ingrained consequence of a society in which individuals forfeit their right to make economic decisions, imbuing government with strong centralised power and laying the foundations for…

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