COLD WAR: Cynthia Nixon Demands Debate Room Be 76 Degrees Because Cold Rooms Are 'Sexist'

ㅤ"Actress and progressive activist Cynthia Nixon is due to debate New York Governor Andrew Cuomo if the pair ever manages to hash out whether the temperature of the debate arena will be ‘arctic’ cold or broiling hot."

ㅤô¿ô …I’m of two minds about this. Cold temps make a woman’s nipples erect. Yum. On the other hand, feminists are more likely to go topless when it’s warm. Hell yes.
ㅤCuomo needs to rethink his argument. The cold temps will make his ding-a-ling shrink up so he’s more of a wimp than he already is.

Full story at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, image from dailywire(.com) – 8/28/18. See "cynthia nixon, andrew cuomo."

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