Giuliani: Trump legal team may try to block Mueller from releasing final report

ㅤ"Giuliani made the comments in reference to the impending report that Mueller will file to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at the conclusion of his investigation into Russian election interference.
ㅤThe New Yorker notes that Rosenstein will then have the ability to release the report to Congress and the public. But Giuliani has signaled that the President may move to stop that from happening — a development that could lead to a battle over whether Rosenstein is allowed to disclose the report.
ㅤGiuliani told the New Yorker that Trump’s original legal counsel struck a deal with the special counsel reserving the White House the right to object to the public disclosure of information covered by executive privilege."

Full story at The Hill, image from netrightdaily(.com) – 9/3/18. See "giuliani, special counsel, mueller."

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