Rep. Jim Jordan Says Trump Has Had an ‘Amazing Year and a Half’

Reblogged from Trump:The American Years — Full story at CNS News.

Trump:The American Years

( – President Trump frequently complains about witch hunts and fake news, but when you get behind the headlines promoted by liberal media activists, consider what he’s accomplished, his supporters say.

One of them, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), had a list of positives ready to roll when he spoke to Fox News’s Lou Dobbs on Tuesday: Think about the (past) year and a half, Lou. I said this the other day — I mean, think about regulations down, taxes reduced. Economy growing at 4.1 percent; unemployment its lowest in 20 years. Gorsuch on the court, Kavanaugh on deck. We’re out of the Iran deal; the embassy is in fact going to Jerusalem; and the hostages have been returned from North Korea. That’s an amazing year and a half.

Let’s talk about those things, and let’s have Congress do a few more things that we told the voters we were going…

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