The Truth About ‘Diverse’ Hollywood Movies

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ㅤô¿ô …Be it known that one race occupies the economic basement of California… African-American.

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The Millennial Merit

Hollywood’s hollow attempt at social justice

4 September 2018

If you want there to be more ethnic representation in the American film industry, you need to watch Crazy Rich Asians this weekend—at least, that’s what I hear. Only in 2018 could this silly little romantic comedy be called a ‘blockbuster moment for representation’ as well as a ‘watershed moment’ for the medium of film.

It’s even harder as an Asian person to ignore this ridiculous narrative and not buy into the idea that an all-ethnic cast is by any means groundbreaking, important, or relevant to genuine contemporary issues regarding race.

We saw this happen already with Black Panther. Now, regardless of your personal opinion about the movie itself, whether you thought it was great or just mediocre, you have to admit that the entire hype surrounding that film was completely overblown. Black Panther was a fun comic book movie…

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