Dems retake wide lead over Republicans ahead of midterm elections: poll

ㅤ"Democratic voters are currently fired up to vote in the midterms in a way not usually seen, pollsters found, pointing to 63 percent of Democrats and Democratic-aligned voters surveyed who said they did not vote in 2014’s midterms but will vote this time around."

ㅤô¿ô …Unfortunately there’s no "firing up" Republicans to vote because Republicans always vote.
ㅤHowever, we of the GOP could buy our Dem alcoholic friends a lot of drinks the night before midterms so they’ll be too hung over to vote.
ㅤNothing illegal about putting Dem drunks where they’ll end up being anyway. Be merciful. Remember to call them a cab.

Full story at The Hill. Posted on 9/4/18. See "midterms."

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