It’s Not Racist to Want a White Superman

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Full story at CrapPile. Reblogged on 9/12/18.

The Adventures of John and Baby Kenway

(Warning: This is going to be more of a rant than a cohesive essay, but hopefully I can get it to flow good enough.)

This morning I woke to see a huge rumor that Henry Cavill was out as DC’s Superman and that in his place Warner Brothers was eyeballing Michael B. Jordan to take his place. I resisted the urge to enter the extremely heated argument going around online about it, and retreated instead to the relative safety of my blog.

Where do I even begin? I’m sure there is some alternate reality in the DC Universe where Superman is African American. I don’t follow those comics enough to know one way or the other. However, in every single reality I know of Clark Kent (or his various foreign personas) is a white male who doubles as the Man of Steel. Cavill has been highly praised for his role…

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