Minnesota paper sues to unseal Keith Ellison's divorce records

ㅤ"The Minnesota Star Tribune, the most-read newspaper in the state, said in an article it had filed a motion to unseal the records after a similar action by Alpha News, which it described as a right-leaning online news and opinion site.
ㅤEllison and his ex-wife, Kim Ellison, divorced six years ago, with official divorce records being sealed to prevent the public from accessing their contents.
ㅤThe motion by the Star Tribune comes weeks after Ellison was accused of domestic abuse in 2016 by his ex-girlfriend, Kim Monahan. Ellison denies any wrongdoing.
ㅤIn its article, the Star Tribune argued that ‘given the public interest around that situation and Kim Ellison’s public support of her ex-husband, the divorce records are a matter of concern to voters.’"

Full story at The Hill. Posted on 9/25/18. See "keith ellison."

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