President Trump Rebukes Hard Left, Bought & Paid For Activists In DC

Story via Sutter Media.

ㅤ”Even before the vote took place the President made sure to bring the public’s attention to the phoniness, pointing out that these are AstroTurf protesters – lobbying groups with massive behind the scenes funding from special interest groups, corporations, king maker billionaires, and other politically motivated mega donors – deceptively made to look like grassroots movements. They’re not organically formed, are not grassroots, and they are not acting under their own autonomy. Many of them are connected to each other, tied together and directed by the same donors, and they’re no friend to those who respect individual rights and freedoms.
ㅤThey’re progressive foot soldiers, plain and simple, paid to form lynch mobs and target anyone who their donors feel is a significant threat to their globalist trade policies, socialist domestic policies, pro-war foreign policies, and open borders advocacy… basically, anyone who opposes the systematic erosion of America as a sovereign nation is a potential target.”

Full story at Sutter Media. Posted here on 10/7/18. See “soros, activists”.

Sutter Media

The various hard left, Soros funded activists being paid to harass, demean, shout down, and intimidate Senators into voting against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh have not gone unnoticed. As I write this they’re still protesting, wallowing in their defeat, because minutes ago Trump’s latest SCOTUS pick became Justice Kavanaugh.

…via Breitbart:

The president referred to “paid professional protesters who are handed expensive signs” in Washington, DC, and pointed out the people at the Supreme Court who were supporting Kavanaugh.

“Women for Kavanaugh, and many others who support this very good man, are gathering all over Capitol Hill in preparation for a 3-5 P.M. VOTE,” he wrote. “It is a beautiful thing to see.”

Breitbart News reporters at the Supreme Court spotted multiple professional protesters handing out high quality printed signs, T-shirts, and information to people flocking to the city.

Even before the vote took place the President made sure…

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