Dems Hypocrisy On Temperament In Office

Story via Arlin Report.

ㅤ”Somewhat lost in the Kavanaugh news this weekend was another violent Antifa outburst. Of course there is no need to qualify with the word ‘violent’ when discussing Antifa, as violence is the group’s whole point and its only method of communication.
ㅤThis time, masked thugs shut down an intersection, blocked traffic, and physically threatened motorists who tried to pass through. At one point, they chased down an elderly man and beat his vehicle with batons while screaming obscenities at him. Police were nowhere to be seen. It appears that law enforcement decided to give the domestic terror group free rein for the afternoon…”

Full story at Conservative Fighters. Posted here on 10/10/18. See “antifa”.

Arlin Report

While we’re at it, lets talk about insignificant Hillary trying desperately to be significant.   She is going to go on a 13 city speaking tour, accompanied by her rapist husband (frequently alleged rapist husband) Bill.  Good move, really smart………thank God you were not elected president.   Now is a great time to take a highly alleged rapist around the country with you, of course you’ve always been Bill’s cover, an accomplice.

Hillary’s comments and urging Dems to “…………… not treat Republicans with civility”, might as well be saying “We must engage in a Civil War with Republicans and Republican voters”.   Not to be civil and treat another with violence and unrest, is Civil War.   This is the Democratic Party Hillary and Bill are so badly trying to lead.

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