GOP pollster: Republicans may hold on to the House in midterms

ㅤ"GOP pollster John McLaughlin said Sunday that Republicans may be able to fend off Democrats’ efforts to take back control of the House in November’s midterm elections.
ㅤSpeaking on AM 970’s ‘The Answer’ in New York, McLaughlin told host John Catsimatidis that the key to a Republican victory next month is retaining enthusiasm felt by GOP-leaning voters following the successful confirmation of President Trump’s second Supreme Court nomination, Brett Kavanaugh.
ㅤ’You’re seeing Republicans in the areas where Trump did well go up in the polls because the Trump voters are reengaged,’ McLaughlin said.
ㅤ’If, over the next three weeks, they keep those Trump voters engaged, [then] we have a shot at holding the House, but we’ll definitely pick up some U.S. Senate seats,’ the pollster continued."

Full story at The Hill. Posted here on 10/14/18. See "midterm elections, conservative, politics."

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