Rape Culture is a Myth, Change My Mind – Crowder

Story via Sutter Media.

Full story and video at Sutter Media. Posted here on 10/24/18. See “rape culture”.

Sutter Media

The balls on this guy, I swear, I can’t even… well done Crowder. The first chick that sat down was clueless and extremely dishonest. He gave her all the rope in the world to potentially hang him with and, unfortunately for her, she ended up hanging herself.

I actually ended up leaving a comment just for the hell of it because damn was this a good episode. If you sympathize with the 1st chick because she cried in several of her outbursts you might find my perspective on this to be in “bad taste” but, here it is:

Holy SHIT Crowder. You smoked the 1st chick (gave her enough rope to hang you with, and she ended up hanging herself), the fillers were interesting, and that last guy, fucking glorious. The best possible way to handle it, letting him say his piece, explaining EXACTLY how the fuck he was wrong…

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