3 Reasons ‘Medicare 4 All’ Won’t Work

Story via Sutter Media.

ㅤ”You think you’re getting Medicare, but you’d get Medicaid — if you’re lucky.”

Full story at Sutter Media. Posted here on 10/25/18. See “medicare 4 all, medicare for all”.

Sutter Media

Though more an attempt at branding than actual policy, several of the hard left members of today’s Democrat party – Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Gillum, Kevin De Leon, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, and others – have embraced it as a way of distinguishing themselves from the corporatists currently controlling the party. Problem is, it won’t work.

…via Breitbart:

1. It failed in Vermont, Bernie Sanders’s home state. That’s right — the guy running around promoting “Medicare for All” could not make it work in his own little state: it was far too expensive, and too complicated. The idea failed to pass in California for the same reason: it would have cost more than twice the annual budget. A recent study showed “Medicare for All” would cost $38 trillion over the first 10 years — again, twice the current federal budget.

2. You think you’re getting “Medicare,” but you’d…

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