Karl Rove Reveals The Math On How Republicans Can Keep Control Of The House

ㅤ"’Charlie Cook says today, that there are 208 seats that are lean, likely or solid Democrat — 196 Republican seats in the same category and the control is going to be decided by 31 seats that are toss-ups,’ Karl continued. ‘Of those 30 are held by Republicans, one held by Democrats. It’s easier to win for the Democrats to win 10 seats out of 31 to take control than it is for the Republicans to win 22 out of 31 and keep control. But the key number for the Republicans is 23 of those 30 are incumbents and incumbents do have a greater ability to win — every one of them won last time around.’"

Full story at The Daily Caller News Foundation. Posted here on 10/28/18. See "midterm elections."

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