Speaking @ The #WalkAway March, Stacey Dash Talked About Obama’s Legacy of Division, Identity Politics

Story via Sutter Media.

ㅤ”When progressive activists and Democrat politicians attempt to level blame at us for political violence, they ignore that more than 9 times out of 10 it’s perpetrated by someone on the hard left.”

ㅤô¿ô … #walkaway

Full story at Sutter Media. Posted here on 10/29/18. See “walkaway, stacey dash”.

Sutter Media

I wish she’d delved more into the rampant corruption that was allowed to blossom under the 44th President’s administration, and how that corruption spans from the IRS, FBI, and CIA to the lop-sided ‘diplomatic’ agreements he made, like the Paris Climate Accord, the Iran Deal, the Uranium One transaction and pay to play bribery that went on… but this is still a good gateway to exploring all of that, because those who listen to what she has to say will have a direction to look in and explore from themselves. And there’s so much there for them to find in the way of lies, corruption, mob tactics, etc. that she really doesn’t need to lay it all out herself. If people can learn to start genuinely questioning and examining Barack Obama’s legacy, their own individual explorations will lead there. We don’t need to brainwash people or even convince them, point…

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