When America was Red

Story via Save Our American Republic.

ㅤ”The nation is divided, but there was a time when the country was nearly unanimous. You hear people talk about red state vs. blue state, but some time ago America was literally seeing red. Ronald Reagan, in his bid for reelection in 1984, won 49 states. Reagan’s opponent, Walter Mondale, won his home state of Minnesota by just 3,761 votes…”

Full story at Save Our American Republic. Posted here on 10/29/18. See “midterm election, gop”.

Save Our American Republic

A week out from the 2018 midterm election and one thing is clear — the battle lines are drawn. At stake is control of the House, Senate and governorships. While interest has been focused on the House and Senate, voters need to be aware that Republicans may lose up to a third of their statehouses. Currently, there are 33 Republicans, 16 Democrats, and 1 Independent holding the office of governor. Up to 10 Republican governors are at risk of losing their seat.

Democrats are spending millions of dollars to take control of the House. History is on their side as the party in power typically loses seats in a midterm election. However, SOAR predicts that the GOP will retain control of the House and pick up a few seats in the Senate. It would seem logical that Republicans hold on to their governors, but statewide campaigns are often influenced by…

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