Khan’s London City Hall Scraps Female Showers, Goes ‘Gender Neutral’

ㅤ"Breitbart London spoke to UKIP London Assembly Member and Education spokesman David Kurten, who commented of the changes:
ㅤ’I often have both male and female visitors coming to see me to discuss London issues. Female staff and visitors to London Assembly Members no longer have their own toilet facilities.
ㅤ’A number of staff told me that they were uncomfortable with the change and are worried about men coming into the toilets while they were using them.
ㅤ’Nobody would have even considered changing the signs on the toilet doors a few years ago, but now City Hall, under Sadiq Khan as mayor, is willing to risk harming women’s comfort and safety for the sake of a politically correct agenda which the vast majority of the population do not agree with.’"

Full story at Breitbart. Posted here on 11/21/18. See "gender neutral, sadiq khan, london."

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