Trump to sign executive order promoting 'opportunity zones' in distressed towns

ㅤ"President Trump is signing an executive order Wednesday to create a new White House council for promoting private investment in ‘opportunity zones’ in more than 8,000 distressed communities across the United States.
ㅤThe council, to be chaired by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, will help streamline applications for communities to qualify for the investments, White House officials said.
ㅤ’It allows more Americans to share in the economic success of this country,’ said Jeron Smith, assistant to the President for legislative affairs."

Full story at The Washington Times. Posted here on 12/12/18. See "opportunity zones."

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  1. In 1982, President Reagan signed the Enterprise Zone Act which is the same concept as Trump’s ‘opportunity zones’. It was a very successful program that revitalized economically depressed urban communities across the country.

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