Eric Holder cites 'Watergate precedent,' demands Donald Trump congressional probe

ㅤô¿ô …If you truly understand Watergate, then you know that a scandal is meaningless unless Hollywood can make a good movie out of it with the movie starring top notch Hollywood actors.
ㅤThe movie requires (1) a great opening such as a gang of thugs robbing a hotel room, (2) a subtle reference to pornography such as “Deep Throat,” (3) a traitor like John Dean, (4) superheroes like Woodward & Bernstein who prove that just two well-intentioned people can face impossible odds and triumph over evil, and finally the most important is (5) a President who is so paranoid that he winds up digging his own grave.
ㅤSo far the Trump era has yielded what would make a decent documentary. But if given the choice to watch the documentary or golf, the American public would choose to watch golf.

Full story at The Washington Times. Posted here on 1/22/19. See “eric holder.”

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