Biden is in, but can he reinvent himself and win?

ㅤô¿ô …Biden could win if he distances himself from the Washington insider losers, LGBT’s, progressives, socialists, open-border morons, man haters, White haters, child killers and the rest of the Dem scumbags. So far he seems to be doing that. Obama has yet to endorse him.

Full story at The Hill. Posted here on 4/25/19. See "joe biden."

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  1. So Obama hasn’t endorsed him, and Joe publicly asked him to- reference in this link.

    I think that it is wild that right beneath Biden is Bernie Sanders- are these really the best that the Democratic Party has to offer to counter President Trump? (a polarizing president that has done very well) I think that the Democrat Party is relying on the fact that some people hate Trump just because… he’s Trump.

    It doesn’t seem that the age thing is really bothering most voters, Bernie sanders is a year older than Biden. They’d both hit their 80s in the Oval Office if elected. I also wrote an article similar to this, you can read it here if interested


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