The Latest: Judge rejects challenge to rules of hand recount

ㅤ"A Florida judge is rejecting a challenge to the rules that will be used in a hand recount in the state’s contentious U.S. Senate race.
ㅤU.S. District Judge Mark Walker late Thursday ruled against Sen. Bill Nelson and Democrats in another one of the lawsuits surrounding the recount.
ㅤDuring the hand recount, election officials look at just the ballots that weren’t recorded by voting machines.
ㅤUnder state law, voters must use only approved markings or their ballot is disqualified. And they can’t simply cross out a mistaken vote but must explain in writing why they did so…"

Full story at The Washington Times. Posted here on 11/16/18. See "florida, bill nelson, recount."

Bill Nelson Won't Overcome Rick Scott, Report Says

ㅤ"Scott currently leads Nelson by 12,652 votes, while the automatic recount has until Thursday to be tabulated. Politico spoke with experts who assert that Nelson’s last-ditch effort to grab the Senate seat from Scott will fail for two reasons: the lawsuits Nelson filed came too late, displeasing any courts assigned to review them, and the gap between Scott and Nelson is simply too large to be overcome…"

Full story at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. Posted here on 11/15/18. See "bill nelson, rick scott, florida."