Jerome Powell confirmed as next chairman of the Fed

Pictured: Jerome Powell

ㅤ”The vote for the 64 year-old Powell, a current member of the Fed’s Board of Governors and former financier and Treasury official, was 85-12. He is set to take over from current Chairwoman Janet Yellen when her term expires Feb. 3.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from (tags powell, jerome powell, federal reserve, fed) – 1/23/18

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Fed Says Tax Cuts Will Strengthen Economy and Fed Won’t Stand in the Way of a Trump Boom

ㅤ”The Fed put its considerable weight behind tax cuts Wednesday, announcing that it sees tax cuts as contributing to economic growth without driving inflation higher than its target.
ㅤThe Federal Reserve’s policymakers upgraded their forecast for economic growth next year and lowered their projections for unemployment while leaving their view of interest rates and inflation unchanged.”

Full story at Breitbart, image from breitbart(.com) • economy, gdp, gross domestic product, tax cuts, tax rates, tax reform, taxes, fed, monetary policy, inflation, federal reserve, janet yellen, yellen ㅤ Home