Joy Reid Takes a Swing at Trump — Accidentally Cites Info That Was Retracted. Twice.

ㅤPictured: Joy Reid

ㅤô¿ô …This article is a waste of Internet bandwidth. Reid doesn’t think she’s accountable for things she says, regardless of the truth in what she says. That means she is EXACTLY like Donald Trump.
ㅤExcept, of course, Joy is not the President of the United States. Joy is just another sick egomaniac who is as replaceable as a crown on your toothe.
ㅤThe sad part is that it really isn’t Joy’s fault. MSNBC exploits her sickness. MSNBC allows Joy to think that she’s ten times more special than she actually is. But when karma rolls around like it has for so many celebrites lately, MSNBC will throw her out with yesterday’s garbage.

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MSNBC’s Reid: I Think About George Wallace a Lot When I Think About Donald Trump

ㅤô¿ô …Joy should not be learning about George Wallace. Learning about George Wallace is not helpful. More African Americans studying the history and beliefs of MLK would be helpful.
ㅤI’m 61 and I confess to not remember much about MLK. But I think he essentially stayed out of the controversy surrounding the Vietnam War. MLK focused entirely on improving the lives of African Americans.

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