Here’s How Marijuana Did At The Polls

ㅤ"Michigan residents voted 57.5 percent to 42.5 percent to pass Proposal 1 which legalizes possession and recreational use of marijuana, according to CNN. The proposal’s passage also means the state will subject marijuana sales to a 10 percent tax. The measure will likely take effect in early December. Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and its state legislature will determine when businesses may begin selling the drug."

ㅤô¿ô …Another sin tax.

Full story at The Daily Caller News Foundation. Posted here on 11/7/18. See "marijuana."

Trump administration quietly fighting against marijuana support, legalization: Report

ㅤ"White House documents and interviews reveal the Trump administration has formed a committee tasked with objectives including smearing public support for marijuana, BuzzFeed reported.
ㅤKnown as the Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee, the committee recently asked representatives from its 14 agencies and the Drug Enforcement Agency for ‘data demonstrating the most significant negative trends’ about marijuana and the ‘threats’ it poses to the nation, the report said…"

Full story at The Washington Times, image from washingtontimes(.com) – 8/29/18. See "marijuana."

Michigan Democrats hope pot measure brings out youth vote

Pictured: In this Nov. 20, 2017, file photo, Josh Hovey, spokesman for the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, speaks at a news conference in Lansing, Mich.

ㅤô¿ô …Give me a break. The Dems are smiling because they’ll have another huge sin tax to finance their socialism.
ㅤIf weed goes the way of booze, then people will avoid the tax by purchasing huge quantities of weed from Mexicans. The difference being that Mexicans will be able to illegally live in the United States, illegally grow weed in their back yard and start a lucrative home business which will be equivalent to selling contraband.
ㅤThe more the government raises taxes on legal marijuana, the more the Mexicans will charge for illegal marijuana. When only the wealthy can afford marijuana, the rest of the users will turn to hard drugs.ㅤㅤㅤ

Full story at The Washington Times, image from washingtontimes(.com) – 7/29/18. See “marijuana.”ㅤHome

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Cory Booker slams marijuana convictions ahead of 4/20


ㅤ"’There’s no difference in America between blacks or whites for using or selling marijuana, but African-Americans are almost 3.7 times more likely to be arrested for that,’ Booker adds."

ㅤô¿ô …Scumbag. Because of the infamous Holder memo, it’s likely the Blacks were also using and/or selling crack cocaine, though they were only prosecuted for a marijuana offense. The Obama admin was hell bent on keeping Blacks out of prison. And the beat goes on.
ㅤMarijuana is quickly becoming too expensive for the poor. Weed is destined to become a luxury for the wealthy.

Full story…at The Hill, image from peterbgemma(.com) – 4/20/18. Tags: marijuana. 𑗉

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Cannabis advocates hand out weed to D.C. council members


ㅤ”Activists with the D.C. Cannabis Business Association and a group called DCMJ said they held the rally because of an increase in raids on events where people have sold various items, and then given people buying the items marijuana.
ㅤIn D.C., it is legal to possess up to two ounces of marijuana, but it is not legal to sell the product. The events are largely seen as getting around the law.”

Full story at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 3/28/18. Tags: marijuana, cannabis. 𑗉

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Business struggles with pot-smoking workers, wants White House to weigh in


ㅤ”The legalization of cannabis in several states has created a host of complicated issues for employers because its use is still illegal under the Controlled Substances Act. Applying federal laws like the Americans Disabilities Act or the Occupational Safety and Health Act to workers who use medical marijuana can create all sorts of novel problems.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from washingtonexaminer(.com) – 2/27/18.ㅤTags: marijuana, cannabis.

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Seattle to dismiss misdemeanor marijuana charges


ㅤ”Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) said the move was a ‘necessary step’ to overturn a failed war on drugs that ‘ended up being a war on people who needed help, who needed opportunity and who needed treatment.’
‘We did little to stem the tide of the supply of drugs and instead incarcerated almost an entire generation of users who could have had a different way,’ she said.'”

ㅤô¿ô …I agree that the ineffective war on drugs led to misguided incarceration of America’s young people. They should release misdemeanor users who were victims of our stupidity.
ㅤBut we cannot accept that the war on drugs will continue to be ineffective, as winning the war on drugs is truly our only hope to save our young people. Build the wall, stupid !!
ㅤAs a side note, Durkan is apparently out of touch. Today’s slang for marijuana is “weed,” not “pot.”

Full story at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 2/9/18.ㅤTags: marijuana, pot, weed.

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Cory Gardner vows to hold Trump’s judicial nominees until marijuana decision is reversed

ㅤPictured: Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado

ㅤ”Sessions on Thursday rescinded the so-called Cole memorandum, which deprioritized federal marijuana laws and was seen as a move that allowed some states to legalize the drug.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from (doj, fbi, jeff sessions, justice department, sessions, gardner, cory gardner, marijuana, colorado) 1/4/18ㅤHome


DOJ: Rolling back Obama-era marijuana rules a return to the rule of law

ㅤ”‘This return to the rule of law is also a return of trust and local control to federal prosecutors who know where and how to deploy Justice Department resources most effectively to reduce violent crime, stem the tide of the drug crisis, and dismantle criminal gangs,’ a statement from the department reads.”

Full story at The Hill, image from (doj, fbi, jeff sessions, justice department, sessions, marijuana) 1/4/18ㅤHome


Sessions will end policy that allowed marijuana to prosper: report

ㅤ”The Justice Department on Thursday afternoon released a memo announcing that the so-called Cole memo — which ordered U.S. attorneys in states where marijuana has been legalized to deprioritize prosecution of marijuana-related cases — would be rescinded effective immediately.”

Full story at The Hill, image from (doj, fbi, jeff sessions, justice department, sessions, marijuana) 1/4/18ㅤHome


Eric Holder: Jeff Sessions has an ‘almost obsession’ with marijuana ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ……

Story at The Washington Examiner, notes at the DC Drain, image from huffpost(.com).

ㅤHolder is a dumb ass. Common sense says that increasing demand for weed will make weed more and more expensive. Kids will increase their use of cheaper, poisonous alternatives like Mexican mud (heroin).

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