Trump’s Tariff Plan Has An Unexpected Result: Bipartisanship In Congress


ㅤô¿ô …It is most certainly NOT bipartisanship. It is a shining example of what the rift is truly about: The globalist Washingon establishment vs. the upstart economic nationalists. Choose sides based on this division. Not political party.

Full story at The Daily Caller, image from dailycaller(.com) – 3/7/18.ㅤTags: economic nationalism, populist movement, tariffs.

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Bernie Sanders warns of ‘international oligarchy’ after ‘Paradise Papers’ leak

ㅤPictured: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

ㅤ”The major issue of our time is the rapid movement toward international oligarchy in which a handful of billionaires own and control a significant part of the global economy,’ Bernie Sanders told the Guardian.
ㅤ’The Paradise Papers show how these billionaires and multi-national corporations get richer by hiding their wealth and profits and avoid paying their fair share of taxes,’ he added.”

ㅤô¿ô …Economic nationalism needs Bernie to help #draintheswamp.

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John McCain: Americans are ‘asleep to the necessity of our leadership’

ㅤ”Sen. John McCain warned that America has ignored its role as a global leader for the last few decades, which has allowed the ‘seductions of authoritarian rule’ to take root around the world.”

ㅤô¿ô …America is up to its eyeballs in debt, overwhelmed by drugs and lawlessness, and soon to become a colony of China. So McCain needs to elaborate on why Americans should give a shit about the rest of the world.

Story at The Washington Examiner, image from washingtonexaminer(.com) • economic nationalism, john mccain, populist movement • Go here to reblog this post (browser only).

John Kasich: Millenials will put an end to the rise of nationalism in GOP

Pictured: Ohio Gov. John Kasich

ㅤô¿ô …Kasich is wrong (again). Baby boomers care about entitlements. American millennials care about finding gainful employment, which is becoming more and more difficult. Nationalism elected the current president. Nationalism will continue to overtake globalism.

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Sen. Jim Inhofe on Anti-Trump GOP Senators: Throw Them All Out

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK)

ㅤ”After I saw and witnessed yesterday the overwhelming loud approval and support for the President that we had yesterday at the lunch, I got to thinking, you know, maybe we do better by having some of the people who just don’t like him leave, and replace them with somebody else,’ Senator Inhofe said. ‘And I think that’s what is happening.”

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