White House vows new decision on Jim Acosta press pass Monday afternoon

ㅤ"The White House has already notified CNN reporter Jim Acosta that officials are preparing to re-revoke his press credentials, sending him a letter laying out his purported offenses and giving him a chance to respond.
ㅤThe letter was sent Friday, just hours after a federal judge ruled the White House had acted hastily in revoking his press pass the first time, after a disruptive press conference with the President earlier this month.
ㅤAfter the judge scolded the White House for not giving Mr. Acosta due process — a chance to argue his case — the new letter, filed in court documents Monday morning, gave him until Sunday night to respond.
ㅤWhite House Communications Director Bill Shine and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed the letter, which promised a final decision by Monday afternoon.
ㅤMr. Acosta replied through his lawyers Sunday, objecting to the White House writing rules now, and then attempting to retroactively apply them to the reporter’s behavior during a Nov. 7 press conference."

Full story at The Washington Times. Posted here on 11/19/18. See "acosta, cnn, press pass."