Joe Scarborough Uses Beatitudes To Shame Evangelicals For Supporting Trump Then Says He’s ‘Not Preaching’

ㅤô¿ô …Scarborough has the wrong understanding of the Beatitudes. Like most people, he believes they address things of this earth, when they are actually entirely Spiritual. Except the one about being persecuted for standing up for Jesus. The Democratic Party doesn’t do it. Republicans do.

Full story at The Daily Caller News Foundation. Posted here on 11/6/18. See "scarborough."

Joe Scarborough Makes Bizarre ‘Star Wars’ Comparison To Trump’s ‘Fox & Friends’ Interview


ㅤô¿ô …Scarborough once again makes it clear that he’s too shallow for political commentary. Still. What’s that saying? Oh yeah… it’s not if, it’s when.

Full story and video…at Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, image from dailycaller(.com) – 4/26/18. Tags: joe scarborough, scarborough, morning joe. 𑗉

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Joe Scarborough Is So Desperate For Democrats To Win, He’s Claiming The Strong Economy Won’t Matter Come November


ㅤô¿ô …Dipshits. Dems talk like they would feel safe and confident inside the eye of a hurricane. But their behavior betrays their terror and desperation.

Full story at The Daily Caller, image from (tags joe scarborough, scarborough, economy, conservative, politics) – 1/26/18

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Scarborough: WH doctor came off as a political hack in briefing

ㅤô¿ô …If Jackson has any hidden motivation, it’s not political. Rather he and other medical professionals find it difficult to hide their disgust with paid charlatans in the media. Professionals have strong objections to diagnosing the President without first-hand knowledge..

Full story at The Hill, image from (ronny jackson, scarborough, morning joe) – 1/18/18

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Scarborough slams entire mainstream media for being reflexively anti-Trump

ㅤ”‘The entire mainstream media, we are reflexively anti-Trump on all things,’ Scarborough told Couric, who launched her podcast with co-host Brian Goldsmith in 2017.
ㅤ’We’re over our skis and it’s going to hurt us,’ ‘Morning Joe’ co-host Mika Brzezinski added.”

ㅤô¿ô …What ??!!

Full story at The Hill, image from (donald trump, potus, president, trump, scarborough, joe scarborough, mika brzezinski, brzezinski, morning joe, anti-trump) – 1/11/18.


Scarborough: Trump has been great for the media

ㅤô¿ô …Indeed. But it isn’t so much about Trump. It’s mainly due to Americans’ addiction to catastrophies.
ㅤTypically, someone insults Trump and rather than ignore the insult, Trump responds with an insult. The conflict continues to grow until it seems like a catastrophy, even though it really isn’t.
ㅤBut again, the root cause is social media fueling Americans’ addiction to catastrophies.

Full story at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) • donald trump, joe scarborough, potus, president, scarborough, trump