Police Responding To Reports Of Active Shooter At Walter Reed Medical Center

ㅤ"Montgomery County police responded to reports of an active shooter Tuesday afternoon at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, local news reports.
ㅤPolice have not yet confirmed if there is an active shooter, according to NBC4, but several reporters on Twitter as well as Democratic Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger tweeted around shortly after 2 p.m. that the building was on lockdown."

Full story at The Daily Caller News Foundation. Posted here on 11/27/18. See "shooter, active shooter, walter reed, bethesda."

Horror In CA: Gunman Opens Fire At Packed Bar During 'College Country Night'

ㅤ"On Wednesday night, a gunman opened fire in a packed California bar during ‘college country night,’ killing at least 12, one of whom was a sheriff’s sergeant responding to the attack.
ㅤThe shooter, dressed in all black with a hood on, entered Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA at around 11:20 p.m. on Wednesday night and unleashed some 30 gunshots after first shooting the bar’s bouncer, witnesses say."

Full story at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. Posted here on 11/8/18. See "shooter, thousand oaks, california."

At Least Seven Dead and Officers Shot in Saturday Morning Attack on Pittsburgh Synagogue

ㅤ"At least seven people are dead and others are injured, including police officers, following a Saturday morning attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.
Fox News is reporting live that the shooter is in custody.
ㅤUPDATE 11:50 am ET — KDKA reports that the attacker walked into the synagogue and allegedly screamed, ‘All Jews must die.’ He struck the synagogue during Shabbat services and the synagogue was ‘full of people’ at the time."

Full story at Breitbart. Posted here on 10/27/18. See "synagogue, shooter."

Companies face backlash for creating school shooting video game


ㅤ"The companies behind a video game called ‘Active Shooter’ — in which players can pretend to be a shooter in a school environment — are facing backlash in the light of recent school shootings.
ㅤThe game offers players the opportunity to play either a S.W.A.T. team member or an active shooter in a school setting. In the active shooter setting, players kill cops and civilians."ㅤ

Full story at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 5/27/18. See "shooter, school shootings, video game, valve."ㅤHome

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Police: Wounded middle school student in critical condition


ㅤ"An Indiana middle school student armed with two handguns opened fire inside his science classroom, authorities said, wounding a classmate and a teacher whose swift intervention was credited with saving lives."ㅤ

Full story at The Washington Times, image from marfeel(.com) – 5/26/18. See "shooter, noblesville, indiana."ㅤHome

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Armed Citizen Kills Mass Shooter At Oklahoma Restaurant


ㅤ"’A man walked into the Louie’s restaurant and opened fire with a gun. Two people were shot,’ police said, CNN reported. ‘A bystander with a pistol confronted the shooter outside the restaurant and fatally shot him.’
ㅤOklahoma City Police tweeted: ‘ALERT: The only confirmed fatality is the suspect. He was apparently shot-to-death by an armed citizen. Three citizens were injured, two of whom were shot. A large number of witnesses are detained. There is no indication of terrorism at this point.’
ㅤ’It’s a blessing this was stopped [when it was] who knew when this guy was going to stop shooting people,’ Captain Bo Matthews told KOCO.’"ㅤ

Full story at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, image from dailywire(.com) – 5/24/18. See "shooter, mass shooter, oklahoma."ㅤHome

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Police Have Identified The YouTube Shooter

Pictured: YouTube employees are seen walking away from Youtube headquarters following an active shooter situation in San Bruno, California.

ㅤ”Nasim Aghdam approached an outdoor patio and dining area at YouTube headquarters Tuesday afternoon, police said. Aghdam, who is believed to have been in her thirties, used a handgun in the attack.
ㅤShe shot and injured at least three people, who were immediately sent to Bay Area hospitals for treatment. A fourth victim sustained a non-life-threatening injury. Police do not think the attack was an act of terrorism but believe it to be the result of a domestic dispute.”

Full story at The Daily Caller, image from dailycaller(.com) – 4/4/18. Tags: nasim aghdam, youtube, shooter, conservative. 𑗉

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Sheriff: 1 student dead, 2 wounded in Maryland high school


ㅤô¿ô …A jilted lover shooting his ex-girlfriend and her friend with a handgun. School security responded quickly. So far only the shooter has died.
ㅤIt’s crazy for the Dems or the media to politicize this shooting. Assuming the perp’s handgun was obtained illegally, the killing does not justify background checks nor a ban on assault weapons, while the killing does justify having armed security guards in schools.

Full story at The Washington Times, image from marfeel(.com) – 3/20/18. Tags: school resource officer, shooter. 𑗉

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Multiple people reported injured in Florida school shooting


ㅤ”‘Today, close to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s dismissal, students and staff heard what sounded like gunfire. The school immediately went on lockdown but is now dismissing students. We are receiving reports of possible multiple injuries. Law enforcement is on site,’ Broward County Public Schools tweeted.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from washingtonexaminer(.com) – 2/14/18.ㅤTags: broward county, marjory stoneman douglas, florida, shooter, conservative, politics.

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