Breathless Trashing of Trump Memorial Day Tweet on 'The View'


ㅤô¿ô …The more the Dems’ popularity declines leading up to the midterms, the more desperate the left will become. The insults will get far worse until November when the GOP holds the House and increases its majority in the Senate. There will be quiet after the storm.ㅤ

Full story at CNS News, image from abcnews(.com) – 5/29/18. See "the view."ㅤHome

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Sunny Hostin on Korean Talks: Trump Had 'Nothing to Do with It'


ㅤô¿ô …Let’s just cut the crap. The U.S. imposed extreme sanctions on North Korea and the President demanded that China and Russia do the same. Trump also threatened China with a trade war. Americans have been supportive of all of this foreign policy.
ㅤThe President not only threatened North Korea with lethal force. He actually deployed lethal force in South Korea and formed a military alliance with Japan. One again with support from the American people.
ㅤTrump twice ordered air strikes in Syria with apparently no negative consequences and our military drove ISIS out of Syria. It’s likely that America’s military actions in Syria frightened North Korea.
ㅤAll Americans should be proud of having the courage to confront North Korea, especially the President. Saying China is solely responsible for the peace treaty is an insult to the USA.
ㅤHostin’s comment can only serve to infuriate Americans who are actually TRYING to like our President.

Full story…at CNS News, image from youtube(.com) – 4/27/18. Tags: the view, sunny hostin. 𑗉

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