Tomi Lahren On The Mainstream Media Meltdown Over Midterm Results

Story via Sutter Media.

Full story and video at Sutter Media. Posted here on 11/11/18. See “mainstream media, midterm results, tomi lahren”.

Sutter Media

…via Fox News:

Post-midterms might not feel like a celebratory time, and I’m hoping to have time later tonight for a deep dive into the “why” of it all as + my view of the game plan moving forward, but for the moment I want to highlight just one fact: Democrats say Trump is “literally Hitler”, they say he’s a racist and a sexist, they say he’s a homophobe, and they insisted the defining characteristic of the 2018 was going to be a big blue wave. We’re evil and they’re not, therefore, blue wave. But…

Where’s the wave? We won the Senate, and though we failed to hold the House we didn’t lose it by all that much. Every now and then Democrats and fake news pundits have claimed the GOP should have had smooth sailing between 2016 and 2018 because they had a technical majority in both House…

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